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Our Farm

Cloudbreak Lowlines is a family owned and operated grass fed beef cattle property, located at Crediton, on the beautiful Eungella plateau, 90 kilometres west of Mackay, in the Pioneer Valley hinterland.

Cloudbreak Lowlines is covered predominately in lush Kikuyu and Clover pastures, and in the unique position of having Crediton Creek flowing along 1/3rd of our boundary, and Crediton State Forest and Eungella National Park adjacent to the other boundaries. Water for our lowline cattle comes from this pristine water supply. We even have platypus in our dam and creek! Cloudbreak Lowlines is at an altitude of approx. 800 metres, has a cool climate, and average rainfall of 2.1 metres.

The mist-shrouded and forest-clad mountain refuge of Eungella National Park is one of Queensland’s most ecologically diverse parks with 860 plant species and a wonderful variety of wildlife.

The park protects many unusual plants and animals, including the Eungella dayfrog, Mackay tulip oak, Eungella spiny cray and Eungella honeyeater. This isolated mountain refuge lies close to the boundary between subtropical and tropical rainforests and supports species from both vegetation types.

As responsible custodians, we aim to decrease the impact that pest plant and animal species, and grazing practices, have upon those natural resources. We are committed to being environmentally sustainable and utilising best farming practices such as cell grazing for natural pest control and pasture resilience, and the provision of off-stream watering points to keep our lowline cattle out of our beautiful creek.

With the assistance of Reef Catchments, we have undertaken pasture monitoring and soil testing to ensure the health of our paddocks and therefore our lowline cattle. Our fences along waterways are all ‘fauna friendly’ so we reduce the chance of wildlife entrapment. We have introduced new species of dung beetle populations to assist in natural soil improvement. We work with Mackay Regional Council to actively control pest species in the area.  


We are now proud participants in the Land for Wildlife program, an initiative that assists landholders to manage their property for biodiversity. For further information about what we are doing on-farm with Land for Wildlife, please see our introductory write-up in the July 2015 newsletter .

Cloudbreak Lowlines was purchased in 2010, from the original dairying family who had opened up the country in the 1930’s. Previously we owned ‘Shady Acres’, a smaller coastal property near Rockhampton, and our starter herd consisted of 1 Australian Lowline bull (Clancy), 1 Lowline cow, 1 Lowline heifer and 1 Lowline steer. We enjoyed our Australian Lowline cattle so much that we searched for a larger property with higher rainfall, and found our idyllic property at Cloudbreak Lowlines.

We have been financial members of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association since 2008, and have been proud to help increase the awareness of, and involvement in, this wonderful breed.  For more information on the history of Australian Lowlines, please click here.  To view the 2016 Lowline Journal, please click here.  To view the 2017 Lowline Journal, please click here.

We are MSA approved producers. The MSA program is designed to optimise the eating quality of red meat through pre-slaughter management practices.  We are strong advocates for Farm Biosecurity, a set of measures designed to protect our property from the entry and spread of pests and diseases. Farm Biosecurity is our responsibility, and that of every person visiting or working on our property.


Visitors to the Eungella area will know of one of our favourite dining experiences, the Eungella Chalet.  The Chalet is a renowned pit stop for the weary traveler, providing a licensed bar and restaurant along with fantastic Pioneer Valley Views. For those requiring an extended pit stop, various styles of accommodation are available offering standard Hotel & Motel facilities.


We are proud supporters of the Eungella Business Group and  We are members of the Eungella Hub, a social hub for the community. The Hub's objectives are to co-ordinate community functions and events and facilitate sporting and recreation facilities for the Community through awareness, pride and spirit.


We are proud supporters and members of Platypus Playcare, a community based non-profit organisation whom receives funding from the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care to assist in the running of the centre. The centre also relies heavily on the fundraising efforts of the committee and the community along with the fees gained from the families attending the service.


If you would love to live in our beautiful part of the world, please visit Eungella Realty.  Whether you're looking to buy a cosy shack on a small block, your dream home on acreage, or a bit of both......Eungella Realty will be sure to help you get there!!

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