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Grass Fed Beef

Cloudbreak Lowlines are proud to serve up EUNGELLA LOWLINE BEEF, straight from our farm, processed by a local country butcher, to your home.  We are offering our pure Certified Lowline Beef, just like it was meant to be, grass fed, free range, hormone-free, low-stress, tender and juicy.  Selling Eungella Lowline Beef direct to the public means you know how our lowline cattle are treated, from paddock to plate, assuring your family's food security and safety, and using low food miles

We sell our Eungella Lowline Beef in bulk, so we can keep our wonderful grass fed beef at a price families can afford. Following sustainable farming methods means our Eungella Lowline Beef is tender, delicious and good for you and your family. As of 1 July 2022, we have been forced to increase the price per KG to $19 / kg, to meet the market, and cover ever-rising production costs.


Eungella Lowline Bulk Beef is packaged for you, and delivered from our paddock, to your plate, locally in the Mackay Region. Save money by bulk buying, quality Eungella Lowline Beef, for a flat fee of $19.00 per kg, delivered to your door.  A whole processed steer of Eungella Lowline Beef is around 160 kgs, therefore a whole processed steer will cost around $3040.00. Fill your freezer or share with others.  We ask for a $1000 deposit upon ordering, and the balance upon delivery, once we know the exact weight.


Eungella Lowline Beef is delivered by us directly to our country abattoir, then to our country butcher, hung and dry aged for as long as possible, and processed to your requirements. We then deliver your Eungella Lowline Beef directly to your home. Our mobile cold-room is accredited by Safe Food Queensland, accreditation number 123792000.


Our butcher request form is attached to show the great grass fed lowline beef package available just to suit you.


Click here for our favourite recipe, Reef-n-Beef Eungella Lowline Beef style, showcasing some great local food products.


Our Eungella Lowline Beef is bred by us at Cloudbreak Lowlines, grass fed on lush pastures on the beautiful fertile Eungella hinterland west of Mackay. We do not use growth promotants.


Our Cloudbreak Lowline cattle are happy, stress-free animals, which means better quality beef. Our beef is traceable by the history of the animal. Our lowline cattle graze on predominately Kikuyu and Clover pastures, maximising nutrients, flavour and tenderness, and providing wonderful grass fed lowline beef. Breeder lowline cattle are DNA tested for tenderness and marbling. We use low stress cattle management techniques, and are licensed MSA producers.


Please contact us at Cloudbreak Lowlines for Eungella Lowline Beef availability.


If you live outside the Mackay Region, but would still like to experience Certified Lowline Beef, then please visit the Australian Lowline Cattle Association website, for wonderful paddock to plate, Certifed Lowline Beef, from across Australia.

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